sketches and dumb words

Anonymous asks: i know you are a writer but do you have any art blogs you like? artists in any kind of nature! im curious as to who you like since i find you beautiful! i am sorry english is not my native tongue, forgive me


hi, my love! i don’t think i follow a lot of art blogs/artists but here’s a list of those that i do follow: 

there is also stayhydrated and vintageous, my friends brent and taylor who are artists and are so talented my heart hurts but they don’t post their art (but they totally should)

that’s all i got, if you guys have any art blogs that you’d like to recommend to me, please do! i love art and i love you :-))

oh my god i love you anthea i am so freaking honored that you even mentioned me ily ilyily :,) i’m smiling so hard rn it hurts but i’m so happy, you’re talented beyond your years and i’m very lucky to have known such a lovely person. i feel very sad that i have not been posting much of my art here (honestly, i’ve been hiding a lot of them shh) but i’m very motivated to share again. thank you so much.

to all my silent followers, please follow her if you havent!! she’s one of the most gifted and genuinely beautiful people i know.

I’ve been playing animal crossing far too much lately.



Old and unfinished.